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Ambassador Feedback

These are just a few of the positive comments that have been submitted from residents and visitors. If you would like to submit a comment, please fill out the form here.

"Just wanted to let you know that I was visiting SA last week September 4th – 7th   and stayed at the Hyatt Regency on the Riverwalk.  My traveling partner and I utilized the staff involved in this program numerous times.  All of them were helpful and very friendly.  We had a very informative discussion with David Dunn. What a super person he is.  The other staff we utilized also provided us clear cut directions and information when asked.  This is a super program and you have done a great job hiring kind, patient and caring folks.  Each person we passed or asked directions was very helpful and pleasant.  Just wanted to let you know that this is a great program with great staff.  Thanks for the hospitality.  You have a beautiful city and trust me we know beauty, as we reside in Almost Heaven West Virginia!"
LuAnn Scaramucci-Summers, MS, LPC
Rehabilitation Program Manager 1
Community Rehabilitation Programs
Charleston, WV

"My husband and I were walking along the Riverwalk this morning. Mark Oldham noticed we were looking at a map. He approached us and asked if we needed help. He gave us quick friendly directions to our destination. He gave us that little added effort that makes our visit to San Antonio such a pleasure. Kudos to him and your team."
- Missy Ascik, Ormond Beach, FL

"I simply wanted to say THANK YOU to staff with the Centro San Antonio. I was visiting San Antonio a couple months ago and became  very ill while walking back to my hotel room. Rose Daniels & Helen stopped and assisted me.  I made it to my hotel room where I was able to take care of myself. I visit San Antonio often on business and I really appreciate the services that your great City provides."
- Brenda Anderson, Lufkin, TX

"I was recently in San Antonio for a full week and had the wonderful opportunity of enjoying the sites of your beautiful city. My colleague and I got lost one day and one of your information guides, John Flores, jumped in and helped us. John was very polite and helpful. He has a strong passion for his job and was very knowledgeable. This is a great service that you offer and John was supreme."
- Angie Chittick, North Platte, Nebraska

"I had the pleasure of needing the assistance of one of your amigos. Mr. Kenneth Yates was kind and pleasant. I was lost and Mr. Yates was patient and took the time not only to help me but also feel made me feel as if I was the most important person in San Antonio. God bless you Mr. Yates."
- Kenneth Fuller

"I want to say how much I like the Amigos programs. I am a downtown resident, but I still have had occasion to ask for information from an Amigo. A few weeks ago, my mother was visiting and we needed directions to elevators on the River Walk. Also, during Fiesta, when the trolley routes were changed, an Amigo helped me find the temporary stop. Today, I was in Alamo Plaza waiting for a trolley. A couple came to the trolley stop and were trying to figure out which trolley to take.  Immediately there appeared an Amigo (Amiga!) to answer their questions. The information Amigos and the cleaning crew Amigos make the city better for everyone - resident and tourist alike!"
- Carol Wood, San Antonio

"Just wanted to tell you that while walking along the Museum reach of the River Walk, I stopped to talk to one of your employees named Delia.  She was so friendly and really working hard at keeping it really clean and beautiful.  So, I just wanted to stop and  thank her for her hard work.  What as asset you have in her and she is the perfect advertisement for the tourists who come to San Antonio. I have lived in San Antonio and cannot believe all the wonderful hike and bike trails we now have and I use them constantly - either walking or biking. Your crew does a wonderful job of maintaining all of them and I really find it so relaxing to be able to use them at my age (71). Say thanks to all of the city parks employees for a wonderful job."
- Jack Bandy, San Antonio, TX

"As a professional tour guide, I hear comments about our city on a continued basis.  Your works do not go un-noticed.  Visitors say almost daily on my tours, "wow, this is the cleanest cities I've ever visited."  I tell them about our Amigo program each and every chance I can. The clean-up and info Amigos do a wonderful job. Recently, an Amigo, David Dunn, stepped in while I was assisting my group from the Alamo down to the Riverwalk for dinner.  I was virtually slammed by my group's traffic, answering questions, pointing out dinning options, etc. and David was there to assist.  Thanks for having the program."
- Mickey & Sissie Henges

"I was recently downtown with some out of town family visiting us in Boerne. We had some trash in our car that we wanted to dispose of and happened to see Johnny picking up the trash on the corner. We stopped our car and asked out of our window if he could take it. He was so sweet, not only took our trash but did so with a wonderful smile and attitude that made a wonderful impression on my out of town guests. It made me so proud to live in the San Antonio area! Great job Johnny and great job Alamo City Amigos."
-Cindy McKinney

"The first stop of our San Antonio Spring Break vacation was the Riverwalk last Monday, 3/12/12 where we encountered Amigo Frank J Reina - what a nice guy...he put a face to the city... he was friendly, cordial, helpful and made us feel like he was happy we were visiting his city! Thank you Amigo Reina!!
-Mark Baumgarten

"I recently visited river walk for the first time a couple of weeks ago with a friend of mine, while walking along the river in awe we came up to this gentleman and asked some questions about the Riverwalk which he did so with great pride and enthusiasm. He then proceeded to give us the history of The Alamo and many other finer points of your great city. I must say meeting and talking to him made our trip so much nicer thank you. please give our thanks to your AMIGO DAVID MARTINEZ looking forward to seeing you all again when we can stay longer."
- Thomas Phillips

"Recently I was visiting S.A. for a conference for the Christian Film Festival and I couldn’t have been more impressed with your city.  Not only is it magnificent but the people who work at helping the tourists were also very helpful.  Most obvious was the man in the yellow shirt named John Flores.  He was incredibly interested in telling great detail about the history.  He showed great pride in his community which was so clean, advanced and user friendly for tourist.  But also his gregarious nature and ability to give direction and recommendations for places to visit was invaluable.  He actually went out of his way to befriend me when he saw me walking through town by myself.  He truly personified what I’m sure you want him to do.  He was proactive, knowledgeable and friendly.  Please make certain you tell him Frank from Connecticut says hello.  Thanks again for making my experience so great!"
- Frank Borres, Bridgeport, CT

"We (may family and I) visited San Antonio from Jan 30, 2012 through Feb 5, 2012, and had the most wonderful time as tourists to your fine and vibrant city. Our enjoyment was enhanced by 2 of your Amigos - Rose Daniels and a man named Faustin (last name unknown). Faustin approached us as we sat outside the Alamo and asked us if we had any questions or if could assist us in any way. We asked him for restaurant recommendations, and he rattled off a list of nearby places and walking directions to them all. He also engaged us in friendly conversation. He was charming and very helpful. We ended up eating at Casa Rio, which was outstanding! The food there was delicious, the prices very fair, and the environment was picturesque and so very lovely. We later went to another of his recommendations (forget the name) and it was equally outstanding. Thanks, Faustin! The next day, as we waited at a bus stop, Rose Daniels approached us and asked if we needed any information,  assistance, etc. She explained the bus routes to us, the fares, and what places we might enjoy seeing that were near enough to the bus routes. She, too, was charming and very helpful, very knowledgeable, and made our visit so much easier and enjoyable. Kudos to your staff and your organization for making visitors feel so welcome, and making visitors time there so enjoyable, and so much easier to get around, making best use of our time. Again, thanks to Rose Daniels and Faustin."
- Wade Cothran, Round Rock

"I want you to know how thoughtful and helpful one of your employees was in helping us. My mother is in a scooter and obviously cannot negotiate the stairs on the Riverwalk. We were directed to go in one direction by a hotel employee to reach our destination. However, our destination was on the other side of the river, requiring us to cross over.  Following the directions of the hotel employee we ran into a dead end flight of stairs. Donna directed us how to get to the other side and even walked there herself to make sure we found the elevator back down from street level. She went far above and beyond what was required of her and was very kind to Mom.  My family and I appreciate her help and you for creating the atmosphere and expectation of your employees that they feel they can take this extra step.  It is a big A+ for San Antonio as a destination.  Thank you."
- Judy Andersen

"The Maintenance Amigos are doing a great job keeping the Riverwalk area spotless, which is an ewnormous task given the all the foot traffic and many restaurants. We met Amigo Kirk as he went about his tasks, and told him how much his efforts are appreciated. San Antonio has a wonderful asset in the Riverwalk and surrounding areas. The new Museum Reach/Pearl Brewery area is blossoming wonderfully. The walk up and back from Commerce is a pleasant experience, and a good way to observe how much effort has been made on this project."
- Bill Williams

"We were visitors to your magnificent city and had many questions and inquiries on where to go etc. Catherine Martinez was the most efficient, knowledgeable, friendly and just all around great San Antonian we could met! Many thanks to her and for recommending a fabulous restaurant for our 12 of us as we celebrated Air Force graduation. Many thanks!
- Alison Ricker

"I just wanted someone to know about employee Rose Daniels. Rose went above and beyond what was expected while my 2 sisters and I were visiting the river walk. Rose was very friendly and kind, helped us to find our way around, told us history of the river walk, and even took our picture. Thanks Rose....we need more like you!"
- Sheila Lannoo

"This evening we had a most pleasant visit to the River Walk in San Antonio!  We thoroughly enjoyed walking both sides of the river, shopping and watching the lights come on and twinkle on the water.  The highlight of the evening may have been the conversation we had with David Dunn of your staff.  We stopped to read a sign about the river when David approached to ask if we had any questions; perhaps this wasn't a good move on David's part as my husband and I are both retired academics!  We spent the next fifteen to twenty minutes peppering David with questions about the construction, on-going maintenance, water sources, etc, etc, etc.  David made us feel as though our questions were a chance for him to tell us about his love of the city.  He was ever so patient and extremely courteous.  You have a gem in him!  Thanks for having such wonderful folks available to visitors, they make the city come alive to visitors!"
- Fran & Pete Sheridan