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Ambassadors play an important role in the District. These women and men serve as goodwill ambassadors in assisting downtown's various users. Their high visibility positions them to be proactive in assisting downtown conventioneers, visitors, workers, residents, and downtown’s various law enforcement officials.

Equipped with two-way radios and local area knowledge, these uniformed Ambassadors are strategically situated throughout the District and in high-pedestrian traffic areas at key times of the day. They form a unique partnership with local authorities providing maximum assistance and safety throughout the District, thereby supporting overall crime prevention.

Our Ambassadors are available to serve as safety escorts, they assist stranded motorists and pedestrians, and they are qualified to provide first aid assistance until professional help arrives. Additionally, the Ambassadors act as information guides for the public. They are in-the-know with regard to what's going on around downtown San Antonio. They are also available for directions to promotional events and downtown attractions.