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The Maintenance team supplement the City's efforts by performing sidewalk cleaning, graffiti abatement, trash pickup, power-washing and weed removal. Our downtown often needs nothing more than a regular cleaning in order to maintain its appeal.

Our Maintenance team perform services 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Again, these maintenance services provided by the PID are NOT intended to replace those furnished by the City. They reinforce the City's services resulting in additional attention being paid to downtown's overall appearance.

The Maintenance team, like the Ambassadors, are uniformed and carry radios enabling them to be in constant communication with the District office and nearby Public Service Representatives.

IMG 0686To assist the Maintenance team in their daily duties, the Public Improvement District employs the use of a "Tiger Truck." This small four-wheeled vehicle and trailer is used for trash pick-up, power-washing, and general monitoring of maintenance services.

The District also uses specially designed rolling trash bins and two colorful riding sidewalk sweepers to help in the District’s maintenance.