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CENTRO staff:
Pat DiGiovanni (Bio), President & CEO: 210.225.3862 x313

Priscilla Lopez, Executive Assistant to President & CEO: 210.225.3862 x316

Liz Burt, Marketing and Events Manager: 210.225.3862 x310

Britain Garza, Marketing Assistant: 210.225.3862 x301

Alicia Henderson, Accounting: 210.225.3862 x304

Tony Piazzi, Senior Vice President, Business Development: 210.225.3862 x312

Jimmy Richards, Director of PID Operations: 210.225.3862 x305

Eddie Romero, Director of Marketing & Events: 210.225.3862 x306

Elsa Williams, Member Relations Manager: 210.225.3862 x302

Danny Khalil, Research & Policy Analyst: 210.225.3862 x308