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AKW Interior Designs Unlimited

249 Megraw Street
Medina, TX 78055
Phone: 281-482-8181
In 1989, Alicia Williams established an interior design firm with the primary purpose of building long-term client relationships and creating environments that would become a destination, not just another space. She assembled a team that shares her unlimited passion for detail and design. This is evidenced in the broad range of successful projects that have been completed since the inception of the firm: hotels and resorts, convention centers and meeting facilities, spa and fitness centers, restaurants, night clubs, corporate office buildings and jets, car dealerships, retail outlets, private yachts and private residences.

Based on the original philosophy established on day one, all aspects that affect a project are considered from the conceptual design phase, the demographics, the budget and to most importantly, the client vision. We are committed to providing projects that are tailor-made to the specific needs of each client, regardless of size. Additionally, our business philosophy ensures principal involvement on each and every project. IDU is proud to have been selected as the interior design consultant for public spaces and interior suites for four LEED certified buildings. We maintain a commitment to integrate sustainable designs and products whenever possible and always consider environmental impact while developing design solutions.