Plans & Studies

2004 HemisFair Park Area Master Plan

The HemisFair Park area contains the land on which one of San Antonio’s most important events of the twentieth century occurred. The HemisFair ’68 International Exposition provided a unique opportunity for the San Antonio community to expose its cultural and community resources to an international audience. The decade of planning and actions that preceded the event identified various plans for post-HemisFair uses and property ownership. However, for the thirty-five years since the fair, the site has been the subject of numerous development schemes, played host to myriad of incongruent public and private uses, yet has not had the benefit of a comprehensive master plan.

Downtown Comprehensive Parking Management Program

Parking is a fundamental component of downtown infrastructure. Parking demands vary widely based on the mix of activities going on in the downtown at a given time. Conventions, trade shows, festivals, sporting events, and community activities cause widely varying demands for parking at hotels and in downtown lots and garages. Downtown San Antonio is witnessing rapid changes in its unique character that are infl uencing the demand and supply of parking in downtown. The Parking Division of the Department of Downtown Operations operates, maintains, and enforces on-street and off-street parking spaces under the control of the City of San Antonio (COSA). Projection of current financial trends show that the Parking Division would face a
revenue shortfall starting as early as 2009.

Downtown Housing Study - 2007

Economic and demographic data and various attributes of an area's market are important determinants of residential demand.  A comparison of certain San Antonio economic and demographic data with that of other major Texas cities provides perspective in understanding the San Antonio marketplace.

River North Master Plan

The Downtown San Antonio Community Development Corporation (or CDC), in partnership with the Downtown Alliance/San Antonio and the City of San Antonio, is working to create a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood immediately north of the downtown core in the area designated River North. With the development stimulus of the $70 million San Antonio River improvements project bisecting the zone, the CDC envisions the birth of a vibrant urban neighborhood in an area that has been long neglected.
To help ensure quality development in River North, the CDC has contracted with the Pasadena, CA-based firm of Moule & Polyzoides. Led by nationally renowned urban planner Stefanos Polyzoides, one of the founders of the New Urbanism movement, Moule & Polyzoides is crafting a master plan for River North. Based on both public input and the experience of other cities across the country, the new master plan will establish urban design principles and development guidelines to shape River North and prioritize funding from the already-established River North Tax Incentive Reinvestment Zone.