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On Saturday May 30, we experienced thousands of San Antonians gathering peacefully in powerful, emotional demonstrations triggered by George Floyd’s death. It was another historic moment of our community coming together in the heart of San Antonio with passion and compassion to address urgent civic needs and engage in crucial conversations.

Unfortunately, the experience was marred as a few dozen small businesses were vandalized and looted as the peaceful protests were wrapping up. We take consolation in the fact, as stated by the Mayor and County Judge, that this was due to a small group of bad actors. Everyone we have spoken with believes these people do not reflect the ambitions of the protesters nor the spirit of our community.

While the vandalism hit us in the gut, we were blown away by the enormous outpouring of love and support which followed on the morning of Sunday May 31st. Hundreds of locals rolled up their sleeves and joined in on the efforts to clean up downtown. Centro Ambassadors rose to the moment, starting to clean up at 5:30 a.m. By 10:00 a.m., the combined force of volunteers, small business owners, property owners, city staff and Centro had restored most of downtown to its former state and helped all the impacted businesses get secured for the night. Our spirits and energy were lifted, and the gut punch was already a distant memory.

There is still need for local business support from the community. We are asking our fellow San Antonians to contribute financially, if they are able, to these businesses who were affected by vandalism. Any amount donated will contribute to creating a welcoming and prosperous downtown for all to enjoy.