Sí Se Puede SA

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About Sí Se Puede SA

Andi Rodriguez, Vice President of Urban Planning, began crafting “Sí Se Puede SA” hearts last week and posting them around downtown landmarks.

“I just wanted to fill the air with hope,” Andi explains. “I decided if I made of bunch of signs and put them up around the city, it would bring a few smiles and remind us that we're in this together and not to lose faith.”

The messages of hope, posted at familiar places such as Alamo Plaza, Hemisfair, Main Plaza, and Southtown, have caught the attention of both residents and local media. Now, Centro is asking San Antonians to create their own versions of the Sí Se Puede SA hearts to show their love for the city.

Art Call to Action

Create your own versions of the Sí Se Puede SA hearts to show your love for the city.


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