Great downtowns around the world possess ample public art.

San Antonio is a city rich with a culture of celebrating art and artists; incorporating this art into the public realm adds vibrancy and a more global quality of life, promotes the creative economy, and acts as an attractor for businesses, residents, visitors and foot traffic.

Artists Justin Parr & Anthony Dean-Harris


is an initiative created by Centro San Antonio to significantly increase the amount of public art in San Antonio’s urban core. Through the community art process, Centro aims to showcase the city’s incredible cultural and artistic assets while supporting local businesses, artists and art programs.

Artist Kathy Sosa

“Art Everywhere” makes downtown beautiful and playful – but now has even greater depth; it puts local artists (small-business people) back to work and lends downtown businesses a bit of coolness.​

Our Big Goal:

10 murals in downtown by end of year


Installations such as these are made possible in part by our partners at Luminaria: Contemporary Arts Festival and The City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture.

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