Zona Cultural is a crossroads of culture, commerce and community; a destination celebrating the story of San Antonio through music, food, culture, and the arts. Zona Cultural is the birthplace of San Antonio; home to many of the city’s most historic and iconic locations and institutions, including Main Plaza, Plaza de Armas, Market Square, Alameda Theater, and San Fernando Cathedral. Zona Cultural’s history tells San Antonio’s history – from a presidio to a bustling and vibrant global city.

And yet, despite a rich history and a central location in the heart of the City, the area has struggled to find its voice and capitalize on its unique position. Zona Cultural currently lacks a clear identity, but is rather a loose mix of perspectives and stories told by different voices.

With significant new public and private investment happening within and around the area, the time for Zona Cultural to take steps to realize its potential is now! A recent State designation recognizing Zona Cultural as a certified Cultural District has helped galvanize support from local stakeholders and has given greater cachet to Zona Cultural.

market square

Zona Cultural’s boundaries have expanded to include areas to both the east and west of Interstate 35. Each side of the interstate has very different characteristics.


Historic Civic Center Master Plan
Downtown Neighborhood Plan
Strategic Framework Plan for the City Center
30+ meetings with 300+ stakeholders leading to City of San Antonio City Council approval of the creation of Zona Cultural, Cultural District.