We are Centro San Antonio

We are a placemaking organization whose mission is to create a more beautiful, playful, welcoming, and prosperous Downtown.

We Do This By Focusing On:

Public Improvement District


The Public Improvement District (PID) is the heart and soul of our city.

The PID was established in 1999 to provide "clean & safe" services, including streetscaping, beautification services like power washing, maintenance and ambassador services.

The skyscrapers, cultural assets, and local businesses that dot its landscape serve as the image of San Antonio to the outside world.

SQ Miles

Our Ambassadors work tirelessly to ensure that downtown is beautiful and welcoming as the face of our city.


You will find them in their bright yellow shirts helping over 1,700,000 visitors and residents every year navigate our beautiful, historic civic core.


in Hospitality, Maintenance, Pan & Broom Cleaning, and Homeless Outreach


Hired since 2010 from

Haven For Hope
"Houston Street is the beating heart of local business downtown"
Randy Smith, President, Weston Urban

When it came to constructing a new headquarters for Frost bank, it was important to choose a central location.

Zona Cultural is a crossroads of culture, commerce, and community.

Zona Cultural is the birthplace of San Antonio; home to many of the city's most historic and iconic locations & institutions.

The Centro Alliance was established in 1982 by a group of property owners who recognized the need for an organization to promote the downtown ecosystem.


Today, the Centro Alliance is an advocacy group comprised of students, young professionals, artists, business and property owners and community advocates standing side-by-side as part of a diverse coalition of volunteers in service of downtown.

Meaningful Connections.
Priceless Partnerships.

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