Largest Virgin Mary Mosaic in the World

The 40-foot-tall votive candle is the largest of its kind!

1301-1313 Guadalupe St

San Antonio, Texas, 78207

United States

Easy to find. Go during the day. Freely accessible from the street (no gates). Located at the corner of South Brazos Street and Guadalupe Street.

Wildlife Museum + Bar!?

Buckhorn Saloon and Museum

A 131-year-old wunderkammer of Texan history. Explore the animal halls and prepare yourself for a truly immersive adventure and sip a refreshing drink as you stroll through the 33,000 square feet of artifacts from Texas history.

318 E. Houston Street

San Antonio, Texas

United States

Haunted History Of Old San Antonio

Take a peek inside the Menger Hotel, the “Most Haunted Hotel in Texas,” or even the property of Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, the most haunted location in San Antonio and one of the top ten most haunted places in Texas. Explore the San Fernando Cathedral, where people are buried within the walls and visitors claim to see faces mysteriously appear or uncover San Antonio’s legendary haunted pub crawl.

Journey To The Center Of The City

As one of the oldest cathedrals in the United States San Fernando Cathedral has a strange bit of geographic history adorning its floor. 

“The first marker, in the shape of a cross, is located in front of the main church altar. Though it’s often mistaken as the city center, it actually marks the original site of the church’s entrance. Back in the 1700s, where the church doors stood was considered the center of town. It makes sense, as the church was meant to be both San Antonio’s cultural and geographic nucleus.”

Poem Of The Day

San Antonio

“Tonight I lingered over your name,

the delicate assembly of vowels

a voice inside my head.

You were sleeping when I arrived.

I stood by your bed

and watched the sheets rise gently.

I knew what slant of light

would make you turn over.

It was then I felt 

the highways slide out of my hands.

I remembered the old men

in the west side cafe,

dealing dominoes like magical charms.

It was then I knew,

like a woman looking backward,

I could not leave you,

or find anyone I loved more.”

From Is This Forever, or What? Poems and Paintings from Texas by Naomi Shihab Nye.

San Antonio | The Saga

“This unique video art projection depicts the historical discovery, settlement and development of San Antonio, our wonderful Lone Star State, and United States history. The Saga projection covers 7,000 square feet of light, color and visual narration projected onto the majestic façade of San Fernando Cathedral- the oldest cathedral in the United States. Through the 24-minute journey, it has become a destination for residents, South Texans, national, and international visitors.”