Shade the Sidewalks

Predictions estimate that daily temperatures will rise two-to-three degrees by 2050.

Expanding shade-giving infrastructure is a tool that will help cities reduce thermal load by up to 50%. Access to shade for the vulnerable in our society – children, outdoor workers, the elderly and the homeless – is critical, quite literally the difference between life and death. Everyone needs and deserves access to shade.

Shade is a civic resource as well as an essential component of public and economic health.

Trees in 2020:

26 new trees planted downtown

Shade Design Competition

Our free-standing shade design competition in partnership with AIA challenges Texas architects to identify an artistic and practical concept for a “Shade Structure” that can be implemented by the City of San Antonio.

We seek a solution that is buildable, and that addresses innovation, sun shading, night-time lighting and all code issues related to right of way for pedestrians, and vehicles, including emergency vehicles.

The proposed Shade Structure should offer a clear, unique, exciting, memorable and positive solution. The Shade Structure should be creative and evocative of the spirit and culture of the City of San Antonio.

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